Ricardo Villalba (Shareware)

The open source multimedia player known as SMPlayer2 is described as a temporary fork of SMPlayer. The developer has moved onward to MPV which is a fork of MPlayer2. SMPlayer2 is reportedly optimized for MPlayer2 and it is on hold until a new IPC mechanism that fits is ready. SMPlayer2 is the next step as the developer of the original SMPlayer –the original free player for Linux and Windows –takes the next step.

This application is a cross-platfom Qt-based graphical front end that uses GUI widgets for MPlayer. Its main features include multiple speed playback, configurable subtitles, video filters, equalizer, and playlists. SMPlayer has radio and TV settings and it is equipped with a video browser as well for searching, playing and downloading videos. This application does not require external codecs in order to work. This smart program stands out for having the ability to remember the settings of all the files played previously such as volume, subtitles, and audio track for movie files.

The program installer can download and install the MPlayer codec package during the setting up procedures. This is a versatile utility mainly because Qt and MPlayer are compatible with the major operating systems and has the capability to play most of the existing audio and video formats.