SmoothDraw Version 4.0.1

Qingrui Lui (Freeware)

SmoothDraw is an application that allows users to create and paint digital art. It includes a wide variety of tools like pens, pencils, paintbrushes, a bristle brush and image hose, retouch tools, as well as layers. There are also stencils available like stars, grass, and butterflies. The user can also apply different types of effects, such as smudge, burn, blur, sharpen, and doge.

SmoothDraw has an intuitive interface so navigating it is made simple even for those with no experience doing digital art. However, the application is a bit similar to the Windows Paint program. While this can work using the mouse, it is recommended that the user utilize a tablet and a stylus pen, much like drawing with pen and paper. While using the tablet, the user can edit the settings to reflect changes to be made by playing with hardness and pressure. The user interface has the toolbars on both the left side and the top portion of the screen while the large portion is dedicated to the actual drawing. The user can select from a collection of palettes for the background color. The brush size and ink flow of each brush type can also be modified to fit the needs of the user.