Smoothboard 2 2.5

Smoothboard Tech ( (Shareware)

Smoothboard 2 is a program that allows users to use an IR pen or a Wiimote as a presenter. The application allows users to use their screen into a whiteboard with the Wiimote as a pen. The program is useful for tutorials, presentations, and demonstrations. The application has an annotation feature that enables users to clearly present their ideas and lessons to their audience. It also comes with several tools including text tools, erasers, shapes, and different types of pens. Furthermore, the program has built-in backgrounds with grids or lines, which is useful for educational purposes. Other key features of the Smoothboard 2 program are as follows:

• Snapshot – The program can automatically get a snapshot of the entire screen or an area specified by the user.
• Toolbars and Menus – The application’s toolbars and menus can float on the screen so users always have access to the different features of the application.
• Smooth Cursor – The cursor used for presentations and whiteboards do not have jagged edges for a smooth display.
• Multiple Wiimote – The application supports usage of 2 Wiimotes, so users can open Presenter Mode and Whiteboard Mode at the same time.
• IR Calibration – The program’s IR sensitivity can be changed so users have better range when doing presentations.