Smilebox, Inc. (Freeware)

Smilebox is a program used for creating and sharing photo arts. It was initially released by Andrew Wright in 2005. This application can be used to create photo albums, scrapbooks, slideshows, collages, invitations and more. It offers over a thousand of customizable templates for almost every occasion. After creating a digital photo art, this program provides several ways of sharing these creations via Facebook, blog, email and other platforms. Users are required to create an account before being able to use the program. A subscription is also offered where users can download templates that aren’t available for free.

The program’s interface provides a step-by-step guide in creating a photo art. It begins with choosing a template. For free accounts, only free templates are available for download. After choosing a design or template, the artwork can now be personalized. For instance, when creating a slideshow, music can be changed into either the available music or custom music. There are also options to change the background or layout of the templates. The available personalization options depend on chosen design or template. After personalizing it, user has the option to preview the finished output first before completing the photo art creation. Smilebox provide several options for the finish output. It can be sent as an email, post it online, print it or burn it to a DVD.