Fluke (Proprietary)

SmartView, developed by Fluke, is a program that provides users with a set of tools that enable them to view, annotate, analyze, and optimize infrared (IR) videos and images. It also has the ability to generate fully customizable reports. Easy to understand and intuitive, it can be used by both beginners and advanced computer users with ease. This application makes of Fluke’s IR-Fusion technology, which blends digital and IR images into one, providing users with crisp and detailed images. The captured images may be annotated and imported into reports.

The three core functions of SmartView are the following:

• Optimize Image – users can fine-tune their images using this application’s image optimization tools. SmartView also has three viewing options: AutoBlend mode, Picture-in-picture mode, and color alarms, in which users can isolate the problematic areas.
• Image Analysis – users can determine the severity of problems and select those that must be prioritized. Users can insert markers and measurements to help them troubleshoot, solve issues faster, and create detailed reports. This application also offers a 3D infrared tool that lets users view images from different perspectives.
• Communicate Results – users can email images and analysis reports to project collaborators and managers. This application offers a one-click report generation tool. Users can make reports showing the before and after images, annotations, and other pertinent data.