SmartSound Sonicfire Pro

SmartSound Software Inc. (Shareware)

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro is an application for editing music. The program consists of a music scoring tool, express track, and a FinalCut Pro plug-in. One of the features of the application is Express Track. It allows users to search for the perfect track to accompany a movie clip. Users just need to set a designated timeframe and the program will find the perfect royalty free music for the scene. The scoring track has a timeline interface for more control of editing.

The application also has a Mood Mapping application. It has multi-layer music that adapts to the different moods of a project. This allows users to control nine instrument layers on just one track on the timeline. Mood Mapping enables users to control transition between moods and set mood keyframes. Pre-set mood mixes are also available from the dropdown menu. In addition, the program also has timing control. Timing control tools include beat alignment, spotting tools, hit files, and more.

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro exports tracks to WAV or AIF files, which are files supported by all major editing programs. The music file can be exported as one track or the instruments can be separated into layers. The ‘Send To’ option sends the music project to an existing project in another program.