SmartScore X Pro


SmartScore X Pro is an application used for writing musical scores. The application makes use of music scanning technology to come up with accurate results. It also acts as an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program so that users can scan and edit existing musical arrangements. It supports reading of PDF files. The program is capable of recognizing different musical symbols, such as notes, key signatures, staff, and many more. With the built-in editor, users can re-arrange the score’s overall structure. Users can choose a specific part to change with the help of SmartScore. When using this, the original musical score remains untouched.

SmartScore X Pro also enables users to change the format of the score. This includes changing margins, distances between staffs, and the overall page layout. Output files can be printed out or saved as a PDF file. In addition, output files can also be saved as XML or MIDI, recorded to an audio disc, or exported to Finale.

Other features of the program are the following:

• Provides complete set of musical notations useful when creating or editing scores
• Comprehensive editing features
• Support for keyboard shortcuts
• Includes a selection of instrumental sounds
• Can be used by musicians and arrangers