MakeMusic, Inc. (Proprietary)

SmartMusic is a music application developed by MakeMusic, Inc. The program comes in three versions—SmartMusic for Educators, SmartMusic for students, and SmartMusic for Parents. SmartMusic for Educators enables music teachers to assign music assignments to their students. Students can play along with the music displayed on the screen. The program will automatically recognize and flag errors in pitch or rhythms. Green parts are parts played correctly, while red ones are not. The program documents these practice sessions. The teachers will be able to access the progress of their students, and enable them to give immediate feedback.

SmartMusic for Students enables users to practice their musical instruments. All the students need to do is launch the program and attach the microphone. The program is geared towards percussion, string, brass, woodwinds, and vocal musicians. The interface shows the musical piece complete with notes and other musical annotations.  Clicking any of the notes will display the correct fingerings. Users may control the tempo of the music, as well as modify the subdivisions using clicktracks. The interface comes with a built-in metronome and tuner. The program displays the players’ assessment scores.  Users may record their practice sessions for assessment and critique. Audio clips are saved as MP3 files that may be played back at another time.

SmartMusic for Parents is similar to SmartMusic for Students.