SmartMovie Converter (Series 60)

GSM Viet Nam (Shareware)

In order for standard movie files to be viewed on smartphones a program that converts and compacts the files is often necessary. There are many available tools and one of the most versatile is SmartMovie Converter (Series 60) which can deal with many format types. This is an application that converts movies of different file formats for playback on mobile phones and other handheld gadgets. This utility removes storage and format restrictions in a just few minutes of conversion. The process is completed in no time and the user can enjoy watching movies on mobile phones while on transit.

The SmartMovie Converter (Series 60) presents users with a user-interface that reflect its versatility. This program is designed to offer users with a wide range of options for cropping and resizing movies. The user can choose settings for optimal playback on the device where the files will be played. A help function is available to beginners who are not familiar with features such as the tools that allow alteration of bit rate and frequency. This program is ideal for beginners as well as advanced users who are familiar with tools used in shrinking and cropping movie files.

This tool has additional features including coding for Japanese and Chinese subtitles and selectable video folders. SmartMovie Converter (Series 60) is available for download online and does not take up significant disk space.