SmartMovie Converter 4.20

Lonely Cat Games (Freeware)

SmartMovie Converter is a program which allows users to convert their movies to a file type which is readable by mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and PSP. Aside from converting movies, the application also has the capability to extract the sound from a video file. The video can be modified in such a way that the user is able to maximize the mobile phone’s screen when watching in portrait or landscape mode. During the conversion process, the users can see the preview of the movie they are converting to check if it is suitable for their mobile devices. The software also allows users to pick up specific parts of a movie instead of converting the whole file.

SmartMovie Converter has a simple and intuitive user interface. Once the video and the output device are selected, the application can proceed with conversion.  The interface also shows conversion speed as well as the duration of the conversion.  The converter also comes with a Smartmovie player which needs to be installed on mobile devices. This is the player which will be used to play converted movie files. In addition, the Smartmovieplayer can also do minor changes on brightness, language, and volume levels.