SmarThru Office v.2

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Bundled)

SmarThru Office is an application used to manage images and documents that are scanned on the computer. It works as a hub where the user is able to find all the scanned documents, and is able to send them to the preferred folders on the PC. The scan can be sent to various other applications, like printers, emails, and faxes. The images can be edited straight from the application itself without having to open another photo-editing application, such as Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, it works in conjunction with a number of Samsung devices. This allows anyone to manage and edit documents even on a Samsung smartphone. Whatever modifications are made in the smartphone is reflected when the documents are viewed on the computer. Also, the smartphone can also be used to scan documents. All documents that are scanned through this application's mobile application are reflected on the computer immediately.

SmarThru Office offers a drag and drop function for faster transition of the documents - from scanning to saving. Documents that are saved can be converted to a number of file formats, like PDF and JPG. The scan is binded so that it consumes minimal space on the computer. It can also be resized according to user preference.