SmartGo 2.8.3

Smart Go, Inc. (Shareware)

SmartGo is a computer game based on a Chinese board game named Go. It is developed by Smart Go and released on March 2011. SmartGo is played by two players with black and white stones. It requires them to take turns in placing the stones on the board. The goal is to surround the most territory. The game has several levels from 20 kyu to 6 dan.

SmartGo features a tabbed user interface. The menu bar shows File, Edit, View, Play, Replay, Tools, and Help. There are five tabs—Games, Library, Matching, IGS, and Problem. Each tab is color-customizable. Users may save current games that are shown under the tabs. Users may create tabs to store their favorite games for easier access. Players may play against SmartGo or other playing engines installed. SmartGo features an animated lookahead that enables players to see its next moves, position analysis to enable users to see black and white territory, and a score graph that shows the current score. Players may also specify a time limit per move—the more time, the better SmartGo plays.

SmartGo features an Internet Go Server or IGS. It enables users to play with other players worldwide. Players may also observe other tournaments happening worldwide through the IGS. The Problems tab enables users to solve SmartGo problems in varying levels of difficulty.