Lup Gratian (Freeware)

SmartFlip is a small and simple desktop application designed to replace the Flip3D feature in the Windows Vista operating system. It is able to place the active windows such as folders, applications, files, and documents on a circle, and users can select the window they would like to flip by simply using the mouse or the keyboard. This program eliminates the need to click the taskbar to access active windows. Users also do not have to navigate to the main folder in order to access program shortcuts.

The default key for launching the application is F9, but users can also set another keyboard key to be the trigger for this desktop tool. Windows Vista’s Flip3D function is appeared when the windows key and the tab key are pressed at the same time; this application can be set to replace that, so that SmartFlip appears instead of Flip3D. Users can also set a location on the screen that when clicked, launches the application. It will then display all the open programs and files arranged in a circle. Users can simply point the mouse to the file or program they want to see and click it. The selected file or application will then be centered to the screen and the unselected ones will be hidden.