SmartDraw VP (Proprietary) is a visual processor which allows users to create professional looking visuals. It is integrated with Microsoft Office so anything done on this application can be transferred to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or Outlook with a single click. It can be used with Sharepoint, which is another file sharing, collaboration tool. It contains a number of templates for different type of visuals including flowcharts, mind maps, and charts. The application also has the capability to read a user’s outline, convert it into a mind map, and automatically save any visual as the user works.

The key features of SmartDraw VP include the following:
• Automatic Fomatting – This allows users to create diagrams simply with the use of the keyboard. Primary function is to let the application take care of the technical work and allow the user to focus more on content.
• Diagram Templates -  This allows users to make use of predesigned templates on the go. Users need to select the template and then input the contents.
• Presentation Quality – The application automatically sets the presentation themes but also let the users edit them if they want to.
• Automatic Backup – This feature automatically saves any visual created into the user’s private SmartDraw account. Users can access the visual through a web browser or any mobile device.
• Sharing and Mobile – This feature allows the user to decide how they want to share the visuals. They can use their accounts to post to social networking sites or make it available only to a select few.