SmartDraw 2012 (Proprietary)

SmartDraw is a program for creating and managing charts, reports, graphs, and presentations. The program makes it easy for users to create flowcharts and graphs. Users just need to add the elements to a page and the rest is done by the application. Other visuals that can be prepared with the SmartDraw program are blueprints, flyers, certificates, and other important documents. There are also templates that users can work on as a guide when working on documents.

SmartDraw comes with the SmartShare service. It is a cloud-based sharing service that allows SmartDraw users to share their documents with others. Users who do not use the application can also view the shared files. Users must first create an account before they can share content with others. After signing in, there are several options available. The cloud storage is also a useful backup tool.

Here are other features of the SmartDraw application:
• Offers 70 different kinds of visuals
• Integrated with Microsoft Office programs
• Customization of objects used in presentations
• Add images and photos to projects
• Support for notes on presentations

The application is easy to user and it comes with a comprehensive help file that beginners can use to learn how to use the program.