Portrait Displays, Inc (Freeware)

SmartControl is a monitor management tool developed by Portrait Displays for Phillips monitors. This program enables users to control the settings of their Phillips monitors. It comes in 2 versions—SmartControl Premium and SmartControl Lite. This program ships free with the Phillips monitors. The version type that is shipped to users depends on the model of their Phillips monitor.

Phillips SmartControl features a window interface with a side bar showing the configuration options for the Phillips monitor. For SmartControl Premium, there are five options mentioned on the sidebar—Adjust, Color, Eco, Options, and Help. For the SmartControl Lite version, there are four options including Adjust, Color, Options, and Help. Both versions are largely similar with some aspects absent from the Lite version, including the Eco tab. Phillips SmartControl Adjust tab enables users to configure the resolution, brightness, and position of the display. The Phillips SmartControl Color tab allows users to control the color configurations of the monitor. The Eco tab enables users to select preset settings which make the energy consumption of the monitor more ecologically-friendly. The Options tab provides users with options to view the User Manual, Display ID, and System ID. This tab also allows users to update their software by clicking the Check Update button at the bottom of the interface. The program also features a Help Tab which allows users to access Help topics and Online tech support.