GIGABYTE (Proprietary)

Smart6 is a PC system management application that optimizes the computer’s utility for better efficiency. It speeds up the computer. The program’s Smart QuickBoot feature reduces the PC’s start-up time. The program does this by limiting the BIOS’ actions during boot times. The BIOS is the computer’s default interface. Instead of scanning the entire computer’s hardware library, it will only scan the critical components. It also has Smart QuickBoost which lets novice users overclock the computer without advanced knowledge on the process. It provides a preview of the procedure’s results even before starting it.

Smart6 can schedule backups of files and data. With its Smart Recovery feature, it allows the user to specify the amount of space to allot in the backup process. The application creates a snapshot of the all actions made with the computer’s files every day. The program’s Smart Dual BIOS stores a backup BIOS (the computer’s default interface) in the computer. This backup BIOS acts as an alternative should ever the main BIOS fails. It even monitors computer activity with Smart Recorder. The Smart TimeLock feature schedules access to certain computer programs and files. This restricts the programs that can be accessed at any specified time.