Smart-X AppLocker

Smart-X (Freeware)

Smart-X AppLocker is a system utility developed by Smart-X Software Solutions. The program was released on January 2010. The Smart-X AppLocker enables users to restrict access to specific applications or programs. This enables users to focus on their everyday workload without the distraction of other programs. This program also enables users to manage their system for it to function in the most productive and efficient way.

Smart-X AppLocker prevents users from accessing applications by locking it in any environment the user is currently in. The program also secures workstations and Terminal Servers, and enhances their performance by restricting access to applications that are causing them to lag. Access is restricted by utilizing executable files.

Smart-X AppLocker features a classic gray user interface. The top bar features two input boxes that correspond to Caption and Executable File name. This top bar enables users to add what applications to block or restrict. The lower part of the dialog box features a table of the restricted applications. The first column shows the Caption or the Program name, with the corresponding executable name shown in .EXE format. Programs added here are accessible in the Application Locker tool. Users may uncheck and re-check applications to unlock or lock the same when already added to the Application Locker. The program also features a Configure button enabling users to customize other settings for the program.