Smart Video Converter

DoEase Software (Freeware)

Smart Video Converter is a conversion tool specially designed for videos clips. The program was developed and released on September 2005. The program enables users to convert several video file formats including MPEG1, AVI, MPEG2, WMV, and XviD, among others. These formats are supported by the majority of mobile devices including iPhones, iPods, PSP, PS3, iPads, and Android-powered devices. The program also features audio extraction functions for supported video file formats. These audio tracks will then be saved in MP3 format.

Smart Video Converter features drop and drag functionality. Users may add video files to be converted just by dragging and dropping the same to the graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI features a grey and blue theme. It is a box that shows the mobile devices that will be able to play the converted file. The choices are: Apple TV, iPad, iPhone/iPod, Android Tablet, Android Phone, Music, and Other. The top part of the GUI shows the portion where to drop the selected file. Once added, the selected file is displayed, as well as the relevant information such as the video length, the file name, file format, and the conversion speed. Conversion speed can be Fast, Faster, and Fastest. This portion also displays a thumbnail preview of the selected video. To commence the conversion process, users can click the Convert button at the bottom of the window.