Smart Turn Off COMputer 3.7

Smart Turn Off, Inc. (Freeware)

Smart Turn Off COMputer is an application designed primarily to facilitate automatic computer shutdown. It offers users with different options for turning a personal computer on and off. The options are by button, icon, timer, or combination keystroke. There are also different ways to induce system shutdown, including adjustable shutdown, forced shutdown, multiple computers shutdown, one click shutdown, and a shutdown timer function.

Another highlight of Smart Turn Off COMputer by Smart Turn Off, Inc. is the set of clean-up features that support popular Internet browsers such as Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This program provides users with separate settings for each browser type. It is capable of erasing the browser history and removing traces. In addition, advanced settings are available for cleaning up the Internet cache as well as temporary files in the Recyle Bin.

Smart Turn Off COMputer is equipped with additional functions. These are data and catalogues structure restoration, backup of data at computer shutdown, drag and drop assigning, and a user-friendly settings Wizard. This program is compatible with all existing schedulers and launchers. It also offers energy saving features.

The developers of the program Smart Turn Off, Inc. is a company that is based in the city of St. Petersburg in Russia. In addition to this program, the group also offers SM LookA, SM Timer, and Smart Turn Off L to computer users worldwide.