Smart RAM

IObit (Bundled)

Smart RAM is a utility program that enables users to view and manage their computer’s current RAM (Random Access Memory) allocation. Random Access Memory is a type of a computer data storage used to run the computer’s applications and operating system. Smart RAM has a simple user interface that provides a graphic visual display of the computer’s RAM allocation and processes. This program also has a feature that enables users to increase the performance of their computers by removing processes that take up a considerable amount of running memory. Smart RAM is included in IObit’s System Care package of computer utility software.

Smart RAM displays the current Random Access Memory status by means of a color-coded pie chart. The chart has three colors: green, blue, red, and yellow. Green represents the amount of free memory while the blue shaded area represents inactive memory. Yellow represents the amount of memory currently used by the computer’s applications while red denotes the amount of wired or permanently used memory. The pie chart representation also includes the amount of memory in megabytes (MB) and the percentage. Smart RAM also includes a Broom icon that is enables the user to activate the “Free Memory” process. Clicking the broom icon will display an animation describing the memory cleaning process. Users will be notified by a voice prompt once the cleanup process is complete. In addition to these, Smart Ram has options that allow users to set how they would want the application to run. Users can choose to run the program during startup and automatically free RAM whenever the system is idle. This can be accessed in the “Settings” portion located at the bottom portion of the screen.