Smart PDF Creator Pro

SmartSoft (Shareware)

Smart PDF Creator Pro is an application used for creating PDF files and in converting other file formats such as DOC, XLS, GIF, and JPG into PDF format, or vice versa. It is also capable of handling HTML and TXT formats. The software also allows users to edit their PDF files through MS Word. Using this technique, users can split or merge pages, insert and extract items, and even incorporate bookmarks, watermarks, and stamps in the PDF file. Smart PDF Creator Pro also comes with an encryption tool so that users can digitally sign their own documents and apply passwords on them for safekeeping and confidentiality purposes.

The application has a clean and minimalist yet highly intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Quick commands enable users to accomplish tasks or browse through files easily. For example, to import a file to a list on the program's browser, the drag-and-drop method may be used. Smart PDF Creator Pro can process tasks simultaneously through its batch processing option. Users can simply check the files on the browser list and queue them for simultaneous processing. They can specify where each file should be stored after the conversion. Finally, the application has secondary tools for editing metadata, encryption level, image quality, document compression, and PDF version compatibility.