Smart NTFS Recovery 4.5

Smart PC Solutions (Freeware)

Smart NTFS Recovery is essentially a data recovery solution. This utility is designed solely for Windows systems and intended to support the NTFS file system. A powerful algorithm is capable of restoring lost data effectively from the hard disk, memory card, USB drive, flash drive, PC card, and multimedia card.

Smart NTFS Recovery has the following basic features:
• Securing digital card with the NTFS file system
• Recovery of deleted files such as MP3 files, zip files, and MS Office files, and image/photo files
• Supports a variety of document format such as XLS, DOC, and TXT
• File recovery is possible even when there is a lost partition table

Smart NTFS Recovery is an application that is easy to launch with a similarly easy to use program. It is also easy to configure. Contrary to other applications designed as recovery solutions, the level of complexity is quite low thus, it can be implemented by anyone, even those without advanced knowledge of computer programs.

This program’s friendly user-interface is easy to operate, manage, and navigate. When the user opens the main window, the prompt will ask which drive has to be scanned. The user only has to identify whether the mode is normal or extended and afterward identify what file to find. Once the “Find” button is pressed, Smart NTFS Recovery will do the work it is designed for.