SMART Notebook Software 11.3

SMART Technologies ULC (Shareware)

The SMART Notebook software is an application that assists teachers in creating interesting and presenting lessons to their students. This application has a comprehensive set of tools that enables educators in creating engaging and memorable presentations as part of their lesson plan. It lets users access the SMART Exchange website where they can search for learning resources such as videos and images and also connect with other educators. Through the site, teachers learn about how others have been using SMART products, share advice on making classroom sessions productive, and exchange lesson materials with other teachers.

One of the features of the SMART Notebook software is its ability to insert and record sound into a lesson. The program comes with a built-in Gallery where users can browse for audio files of musical instruments, famous speeches, and even animal sounds, and add these to any lesson. In addition, the program has a built-in recorder that allows users to record sound (such as a narration of a historical battle) directly into the lesson. In addition to sounds, this program also enables users to insert multimedia files such as video, text, links, and shapes into any lesion.

The SMART Notebook software has a built-in automatic spell checker, drawing tools, table tools, and customizable themes.