Smart Hide IP

Smart Hide IP (Shareware)

Smart Hide IP is a tool that hides any IP address such that it remains anonymous while browsing the Internet. This utility works fast and does not have any analogues. With the use of this tool, Internet connections are made more secure. The IP address of the user is hidden and only the IP address of the Smart Hide servers is visible.

When people use the Internet, their browsing activities can be determined by those who can trace the IP address back to them. A trace can lead the inquiry to the computer used and even to the person or persons using the computer. Smart Hide IP provides ample protection to the hardware and to the computer user as well. The user’s online identity is protected. With just one click of the button, the IP address is hidden and a new one is provided.

Smart Hide IP makes it possible for Internet uses surf the Internet anonymously. The user can also remove the ban on certain sites that did not allow entry before. Smart Hide IP is also useful in guarding personal computers and all their contents from being accessed by hackers. Smart Hide IP also givers Internet users the capability to send anonymous emails, secure oneself from ISP eavesdropping, and run Kazaa or MSN behind existing firewalls.