Smart DVD/CD Burner (Shareware)

Smart DVD/CD Burner is a program used to create DVDs and CDs that contain user data and audio files.
The application can burn and create audio CDs, data DVDs, and data compilations. The application may be used by both new and professional users with its customizable and simple interface.

A user is required to specify the type of project to undertake of which a number or options are available.  A drag and drop feature via the file browser enables a user to include files to a compilation. The “Drive” menu includes commands to lock, close, and eject the drive tray.   Rewritable discs such as DVD-RW and CD-RW may be used with the application, which has an “Erase” function. The latter enables discs capable of receiving new folders and files by eliminating all of its data. Music with WMA, MP3, WAV, and OGG files may be directly burned into a CD. Writers’ drives such as SCCI, USB, IDE, and FireWire and burn-proof buffer security systems may all be used in conjunction with the program. Other program features include on-the-fly recording, multi-session CD/DVD importing, a testwrite function and recorder drives support. Disc and drive properties are provided by the application.