Smart Driver Backup 2.12

Smart Driver Company (Freeware)

Smart Driver Backup is a system utility tool that lets users save a backup of their drives to a backup location. This is particularly important for non-Microsoft drivers. Users will determine which will be the location of the backup files. It is also helpful in reinstalling operating systems. Users will not have to download the drivers again. This can save them both time and effort. These drivers include drivers for the graphics card, the monitor, etc.

When running Smart Driver Backup, the software will automatically detect all the drivers available in the computer. It will extract these drivers and back them up on a user-specified location. They can also create backups for Windows (BartPE, Windows PE) drivers. The user interface of the software is similar to the classic Windows Explorer tab. The upper toolbar has menu for file, view, select, and help. The help section is where users have to look if they have a problem they have encountered. There are three tabs (View, Select, and Save). The software can identify the drivers, even its description, class, and manufacturer. When saving, it will create a subfolder for each driver. This will be helpful for ease of access. There will also be a log file that will be located on the backup folder of choice.