Smart Defrag

IObit (Freeware)

SmartDefrag is a disk defragmenter program that optimizes the computer’s performance. The software runs quietly in the background and does not clog up the system’s resources. It also features Boot Time Defrag, which is capable of defragmenting files as the system boots up. This is useful for defragmenting files that cannot be defragmented once the computer has completely booted up. Another feature of the application is Safe Intelligence. With Safe Intelligence, the application does not have a regular schedule for defragmenting. Instead, it monitors the system and decides when it needs defragmentation. However, there are also options to set a schedule of defragmenting based on the user’s needs.

The interface of the program shows fragmented files in the form of blocks. The blocks are color coded according to usage. This acts as a guide for users to know which files are safe to defragment. There are two options for defragmenting – straight defragmentation or deep optimization. There is also a ‘Recommendation’ tool that alerts users of what action to take for a certain file.

SmartDefrag provides online support through their FAQ section. Email support is also provided by the company. Apart from these, users can also check the community forum for concerns regarding their systems or the program.