Smart Cutter 1.7.3

Fame Ring (Shareware)

Smart Cutter is an application used for splicing videos taken from camcorders. It supports different formats, such as MP4, AVCHD, VOB, MTS, and MPEG2. The software has an editing-style interface that provides total control to users to cut the videos. One of the features of the program is Smart Rendering. In Smart Rendering, only the initial and ending parts of the video are re-encoded. Most of the video remains untouched, giving it a lossless quality.

The application’s main interface provides all the task buttons for cutting videos. The upper part of the main screen shows the preview of the video at the center. The other buttons are located at the left and right side of the window. The middle part of the main window shows the frames for the video, while the lower part of the main window displays the start point and the end point buttons, as well as the other controls (fast forward, rewind, record, and play).

Other features of the Smart Cutter program are the following:

• Cut out the unnecessary portions on videos (introductions, commercials, etc.)
• Merge several short videos into one long video
• Supports a wide variety of formats for input and output files