ZTE Corporation (Freeware)

SMART BRO is software driver for the Smart Broadband plug-it developed by ZTE Corporation and distributed by Smart Communications. Smart Communications is a telecommunications company in the Philippines. They offer cellular phone service and Internet broadband connection. SMART BRO enables users to manage and control their Internet broadband connection using the SMART BRO plug-it modem.

SMART BRO features a tabbed user interface. The top panel shows whether a plug-it modem is detected or connected to the system. A large Connect button occupies the expanse of the top panel. The bottom panel features five buttons that correspond to the five tabs—Home, SMS, Dialer, Settings, and Subscriber Corner. SMS stands for Short Messaging System. The Home tab is shown by default. The SMS tab enables the user to search the SIM card installed on the plug-it modem for messages and phonebook entries. It shows the messages stored on the SIM card with the corresponding sender information and date and time stamp. The Dialer tab enables users to dial numbers or make calls. This tab also enables the user to access the Phonebook and add phonebook entries or contacts. The Settings tab enables users to check the modem serial number and model. This tab also enables users to check the software version and update it. Users may also configure the Network settings as to Automatic or Manual searching, and as to network type—3G Preferred, GSM Preferred, Only 3G, and Only GSM.