Small Town Terrors - Livingston

Big Fish games (Shareware)

Small Town Terrors – Livingston is a hidden objects game released by Big Fish games. The game is set in the fictional town of Livingston. The town has been enveloped in darkness and left with abandoned buildings and houses. The player’s family is missing. The goal is to find all the clues that will lead to their location.

Small Town Terrors – Livingston is divided into 4 chapters—Chapter 1: The Hospital; Chapter 2: The Diner; Chapter 3: The Factory; Chapter 4: Escape. Each chapter involves a specific location or event vital to finding the location of the player’s family. Upon entering each location, the player has to find all the items that would lead to other items. Finding and acquiring an object is done by pointing and clicking on it. These items will be used as tools to open other areas in a given location, or reach certain objects. Some items are standalone items. They can be used on their own. However, some items need to be paired with another item to be of use to the player. The challenge lies in finding the items, deciding where to use them, and whether or use them alone or paired with another item. Each location is composed of multiple levels. Some levels provide the player with a list of hidden objects to find, while some levels list the items in the player’s inventory.