SMAC 2.0

KLC Consulting, Inc. (Shareware)

SMAC or SpoofMAC is a program developed by KLC Consulting. This program enables users to change their MAC address of their network connection. The Media Access Control or MAC Address is a type of identifier that is assigned to network interfaces to allow the computer to communicate with its physical network segment, such as the wireless router or modem. MAC addresses are often pre-assigned by the device manufacturer by means of a network interface card (NIC) installed within the device. SMAC is used for changing the MAC address of network devices that restricts such an operation. In addition to these, this application allows users to view available MAC addresses, validate MAC address, generate MAC address, view complete network adapter, IPConfig button, load MAC address list, display MAC address change history, and display the manufacturer of an existing MAC address. SMAC is developed for Windows operating systems and runs only in network devices that support Windows.

SMAC features a simple user interface that has two main control parts. the first part displays all existing and generated MAC addresses detected in the computer’s network device. This section displays the MAC ID, activity, spoof status, network adapter name, IP address, and active MAC. The next part contains display panels and controls used to update MAC, remove MAC, restart adapter, IPConfig, Random MAC, generate MAC list, Refresh button, and Exit.