SM Timer 2.1.3

Smart Turn Off Inc. (Freeware)

SM Timer is a timer used for shutting down the computer automatically. It is one of the tools included in the Smart Turn Off application, but it also serves as a standalone software. The program has a simple user-interface that consists of time selection in hours and minutes. There is also a menu where users can choose the action to perform at the specified time.

To use the application, set the timer and click the ‘OK’ button. The small window will be minimized to the Windows system tray. Placing the mouse over the program’s icon will display the action, as well as the time set. The program’s Settings window can be accessed by right clicking on the icon on the system tray. Once the set time is up, the program’s window will pop up on the desktop. A countdown will start, giving the user a few seconds to cancel the action if needed. Once the current action is cancelled, a new one can be chosen or the timer can be closed altogether.

Here are other main features of the application:

• Several actions to choose from
• Does not take up a lot of system resources
• Simple and easy to use interface