Radiangames (Proprietary)

Slydris is a puzzle game for different platforms. At the start of the game, blocks of different sizes start falling from the top portion of the game window. The aim of the game is to move the block set from side to side before the set falls down in order to create horizontal matches of three. These matches are then eliminated from the game grid. Slydris offers three game modes:

• Infinite – In infinite mode, players go through each level available in the game. Players must make sure that the blocks do not reach the top portion of the window.
• Survival – In survival mode, players get to play continuously until the blocks reach the topmost portion of the window.
• Zen – In zen mode, players are free to play the game at their own leisure.

Blocks removed in sets give the player more points in the form of combos. Aside from blocks falling from the top of the screen, blocks also spurt from the bottom of the screen at set intervals. In addition to the three game modes, players can also choose the music and appearance of the game. There are three choices for the background music, and users can choose from dark, light, or both colors for the game screen.