Nikolaus Brennig (Freeware)

Slowview is a photo and image viewer software developed by Nikolaus Brennig and released on January 2003. It is not only a photo viewer, but it also functions as a Slideshow maker, browser, and image converter. The program provides support for several file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and SGI, among others. It is also compatible with Photoshop’s PSD and Painter’s PCS file formats. The Slowview software supports Drag and Drop functionality when adding images for viewing and conversion. It also allows basic file commands like Crop, Cut, Paste, and Copy functions.

Slowview user interface sports a grey theme. The menu bar enumerates options for File, Edit, View, Image, Tools, and Help. The upper left panel shows the folder structure view showing the local folder paths. The Right panel displays the thumbnail versions of images contained in a particular folder. Users may choose to change the viewstyle to List instead of the default Thumbnail view. The lower left panel shows a slightly larger preview of the thumbnail selected on the right panel. When a particular image is selected, the status bar shows the file dimensions, file size, date taken, and zoom percentage of the preview. Context menu options include Move to, Copy to, Delete, Rename, Select All, Viewstyle, and Clipboard. Users may also click on Full Screen to maximize the program to occupy the whole screen.