SlingPlayer 3

Sling Media, Inc. (Proprietary)

SlingPlayer is a software application partnered with SlingBox. It is used to deliver content provided by SlingBox. For this to work, users must connect their SlingBox to their television or router. It uses Sling Media’s proprietary streaming technology to transmit audiovisual data to connected devices continuously. SlingPlayer is available for mobile devices. It supports iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone devices, and the Amazon Kindle Fire. In addition, SlingPlayer lets connected devices function like a conventional television set. Users can watch live or recorded TV shows over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections. It also features a virtual remote control used for switching channels. Users can also pause, rewind, or record DVR content.

SlingPlayer supports a variety of connected devices. It supports Western Digital TV media players, Sony Internet Player with Google TV, and Netgear NeoTV streaming players. A typical SlingBox setup allows content to be viewed from another TV with SlingPlayer. In addition, these devices are bundled with SlingPlayer.

SlingPlayer is available for the Web. Users can watch SlingBox content from, Facebook, or on an embedded SlingPlayer. Users must have a SlingBox device, an Internet connection, and a Sling account to use this feature. Users who choose to view content on are provided with an on-screen remote control. Users who wish to watch videos on Facebook must install the SlingPlayer app and sign in with their Sling account.