Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold is a game about Maggie Gold’s adventures in tracking the murderer of her former husband. This game follows an interesting and intriguing storyline. The second wife of her husband will get the fortune left behind by the murdered man unless Maggie can solve the mystery surrounding his death and claim what is hers by right. The developer of Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold is Big Fish Games.

Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold is set in a casino where clues have been left behind by Maggie Gold’s deceased ex-husband Freddie, a casino mogul. The hidden objects need to be found in order to determine the answers to the lingering questions about his death. The scenes are immersive and the challenges faced by players can be formidable. Infiltrating the huge casino is not an easy fit, which makes this game ideal for people who thrive at solving mysteries and enjoy hidden object puzzles.

Players of Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold need to unlock Slingo machines to experience the different gaming modes. This game is a combination of a hidden object and a Slingo game. With the right skills, a player of Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold will be able to solve the puzzles and help Maggie get what is rightfully hers and determine what’s really written on Freddy’s last will and testament.