Slingo Mystery

funkitron, inc. (Shareware)

Slingo Mystery is a hidden object mystery game developed by the company, Funkitron. The player assumes the role of Maggie Gold, a divorced woman who was left with almost nothing by her ex-husband, Freddy Gold. She received news of Freddy’s death and finds out that he might have left his casino business to his new wife. Her son with Freddy has special needs and the expenses have become too much for Maggie, so she decides to conduct a heist at the casino – to get what the riches that rightfully belongs to her son as well as recover her long-lost wedding ring.

This game combines the classic games of Bingo and Slots, which means that the player must rely mostly on luck although there is some strategy required to advance in the game. Freddy was obsessed with Slingo, so he installed numerous Slingo machines in the rooms of his casino. The player must play each of these machines in order to gather clues to Freddy’s missing will and testament. The requirements may vary for each clue; the player might have to get a very high score, get a specific pattern, or complete a given number of Slingos. The game features 30 locations, each with an inventory of tasks, a list of items to find, and occasionally, a Slingo game.