SlimComputer 1.3.28413.2140

SlimWare Utilities (Freeware)

SlimComputer is a system utility program developed by SlimWare. It was particularly designed to optimize computers. Aside from the full installer, the program also offers a portable version that enables users to install the device on a USB drive. The portable version also allows users to install logs, scheduler, and updates. The program also provides a login button, which is used for creating and logging into a SlimWare account. Having a SlimWare account is used for accessing the program’s cloud-based feedback system.

The program’s interface provides six tabs – Main, Restore, Optimize, Uninstaller, Browsers, and Windows Tools. The Main tab provides a Scan button for scanning the entire system. This tab also offers different checkboxes (i.e. Toolbars, Applications, Shortcuts, and Startup Items) allowing users to select which areas of the system will be scanned. The Restore tab is used for restoring the removed items while the Uninstaller tab uses a color-coded rating system for indicating which of the installed programs are good to remove. The Optimize tab is used for choosing which items are to be restored or removed from the Startup and Services. The Browsers tab, offers settings for the Web browsers installed in the computer while the Windows Tools provide instant access to Windows management tools.