SlimCleaner 4.0.25845.49585

SlimWare Utilities (Freeware)

SlimCleaner is an application used for cleaning and optimizing a system. It consists of an advanced engine for analyzing and cleaning junk files that cause the system to slow down. The program’s cleaning engine is capable of performing computer scans in just a second. SlimCleaner is also the first program that uses cloud-based optimization. This allows users to set the applications to be launched on startup and to cut down the boot up time. For the cloud-based optimization, users can view information dialogs that provide detailed information on a specific item. Users are awarded with badges and rewards for providing accurate ratings for items. In addition, users have walls where their ratings history and comments are displayed.

Another main feature of the SlimCleaner program is the Software Updater. The tool looks for the latest updates for the applications that are installed in the computer. The updates can be downloaded from the SlimWare Utilities’ Cloud. SlimCleaner also comes with two Disk Tools (Disk Analyzer and Disk Wiper). The Disk Analyzer displays a visual representation of the contents of a drive so that users can see the items that are taking up the most space. The Disk Wiper cleans up junk files in the system.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Intelligent disk defrag
• Duplicate finder
• Hijack log
• Solid-state drive optimization
• Uninstaller