YooApplications (Freeware)

Slicer is a security tool developed by Yoo Applications. The program enables users to securely delete private files and data from the system. Secure deletion is done by overwriting over the file for numerous times by senseless data. This obliterates the private data previously saved and effectively deletes it. With this kind of deletion, files may no longer be restored.  Deletion is done using a standard based on guidelines set by the US Department of Defense. This is the DoD 5220-22-M sanitizing standard.

Slicer features a classical grey and blue user interface. The top panel shows the logo of the program and the developer. The program features a tabbed interface composed of two tabs—Destroy Data and Overwrite free hard disk space. The first option enables users to overwrite portions of the hard drive that are occupied by data. The second option allows users to overwrite portions of the disk that are yet unoccupied. This is the free space. Users may add files into the interface by clicking the Add button at the bottom. Users may also add files using the drag and drop functionality. Users may drag and drop whole folders or single files inside the program. Deletion is commenced by clicking the Destroy button. In case of mistakes, users may clear the window by clicking the Clear List button.