Slammings 1.0 (Freeware)

Slammings is a fun video game with a basic game play. It is a classic game that entails extermination of as many creepy crawly creatures as possible before they get away via an exit portal. The objective of the player is to slam the buggers dead before they reach the end of a specific level. Slammings is an action game wherein there are five tools awaiting discovery for effectively dealing with the bugs. There is no need for additional instructions since the game play is rather self-explanatory.

Slammings has basic controls to exterminate virtual vermin. The player has to drag the slamming with the computer mouse to knock as many buggers as they can before they get away. In order to win in Slammings, players can create killer combinations so that they can unlock new tools of extermination.

These are the tools that available for the player to use. The mouse key is the tool for throwing, while the arrow key can be used to move the camera. Meanwhile, the one to five keys are the select tools. Players need to move fast before their target moves to the exit to escape. This game may be downloaded online for free. It does not require a huge amount of hard drive memory.