Skyworks Ten Pin Championship Bowling

Skyworks Technologies, Inc. (Proprietary)

Skyworks Ten Pin Championship Bowling is a 3D ten-pin bowling-inspired computer game developed by Skyworks in 2003. This game features single-player and multi-player modes. Single player mode is played against computer while multi-player mode allows users to play with up to 4 group members.

Skyworks Ten Pin Championship Bowling features two bowling alleys—Starlite Lanes and Skyworks Lanes—to choose from. Skyworks Ten Pin Championship Bowling has three ball colors and six different ball weights, which may be used by the players. Gameplay requires the use of the mouse for every action. Users may choose ball color and ball weight before each throw. Users may also control shot intensity and shot direction using mouse controls. Points are garnered as to the number of pins felled by their bowling balls following the rules of ordinary ten-pin bowling. Players also acquire trophies during the games for winning the games under certain conditions.

Skyworks Ten Pin Championship Bowling graphical user interface shows four black bowling balls labeled Play, Trophy Room, Help, and Quit. Clicking Play transports the player to lane selection. Players may distinguish themselves from others by customizing player name at the beginning of the game. Trophies may be viewed from the Trophy room tab. Trophy Room tab also shows the game’s scoreboard. Scoreboard can tally scores and keep track of up to 10 players.