Innovative Interfaces Inc. (Proprietary)

SkyRiver is an application used in cataloging library collections. It enables users to organize bibliographic records so that books, publications, and other library resources can be easily located. It provides librarians with tools that allow them to connect their collections with the metadata necessary for cataloging, resulting in a simpler and more efficient workflow. Among the cataloging services this application offers are unlimited searching and copy cataloging, and the easy-to-use client application for advanced cataloging work.

SkyRiver also has the following features:
• SkyMatch – this feature has to do with data integration with materials vendors. The program’s matching algorithms are able to minimize duplication of records.
• SkyWatch – a feature that lets users receive optional CIP record upgrade notifications
• SkySearch – this is a record-requesting service with the ability to respond to queries within 48 hours
• SkySearch Plus – an optional ongoing search service for library staff

This application provides users with access to its database that contains over 44 million records. Users who need bibliographic details such as publication date, language, and ISBN can check the online records to find the information they are looking for. The database includes the full MARC and CONSER files of the US Library of Congress, as well as public domain metadata from contributing libraries.