SkyRemote 1.6

Scand Ltd. (Freeware)

SkyRemote is an application that allows users to control a computer from a remote location or share their desktop screens to other users who also have the program installed. Skype, an instant messaging program, must be installed in the computer in order for SkyRemote to work. The program is not a Skype plug-in. It is an application that communicates with other users using the Skype client. When the program is installed, a green icon appears on the system tray. Right clicking on the icon will bring up the options for the application. Users can also view a list of all the friends connected. From the icon, users can choose to share the desktop or request remote desktop access. Users can choose to accept or decline requests from contacts.

SkyRemote also allows the user to change the quality settings of the session. Users can choose from black and white, or 4 bit up to 24 bit. There is also an option to view the window in JPEG quality or in 320x240 up to 1024x768 resolution, or full size. Other information that can be viewed includes the bandwidth sent and received, and the send speed. More settings can be viewed and changed under the SkyRemote configuration window.