SkyMonk Client 2.11

SkyMonk TM (Shareware)

SkyMonk Client is a Russian freeware application used for downloading files from,, sms4filenet, and The program is used for easily uploading files to the computer, managing downloading files, downloading data to the server and more. The program has its own built-in download manager. SkyMonk Client is designed to work just like a typical website with file-sharing websites. Its main goal is accelerate upload and download of files. One of the program’s main features is that it can download multiple files to an exchanger simultaneously. It also features multiple exchangers for users. SkyMonk Client also has support for resume file download in case there are network connection problems.

When using SkyMonk Client, a premium code is no longer necessary. Files can be downloaded free in a single stream. The application also has multithreaded jump files functionality allowing files to be downloaded to several threads. When there’s problem with the connected, spooled file is possible. In case of download errors, SkyMonk can suspend the download until errors have been fixed. Monitoring downloads in the background link is possible with this program. When there’s active racing, your computer will not sleep. The program also features a properties window where comments can be added and name of output file can be modified. Copying the original link to a clipboard is also possible.