SkyGrabber 3.2

Sky Software (Shareware)

SkyGrabber is a program that lets users download free-to-air satellite Internet data such as television shows. It has the ability to receive input from a specialized device called a satellite tuner card and records or saves the data on the computer’s hard drive. Aside from the card, it also requires other equipment for it to function. This includes a TV tuner, a KU-Band/C-Band LNB device, as well as a satellite dish. It has support for various tuners, including those manufactured by GotView, TeVii, Azureware, TechnoTrend, Genitech, TBS/QBOX, DVBWorld, and TechniSat.

This application is a satellite downloader that can work offline, which means that a connection to the Internet is not necessary in order for it to run. Users can simply configure their satellite dish according to the specifications of their selected provider/tuner and they can start downloading content. SkyGrabber comes with a number of filters that can block out particular input streams so that users can select and capture the data they prefer. The filters provide users with options to allow only specified file types to be captured, such archives or media content. Users can also choose to download data from specific IP addresses.

When grabbing content, the application will come up with a list of the ongoing downloads and display it on the main window. It also shows the computer’s general statistics such as transfer and traffic rate as well as memory and CPU usage.