Digital Reality Software (Proprietary)

SkyDrift is an action racing video game created and published by Digital Reality Software. It was first released in 2011 for Windows. In this game, the player takes control of an airplane in a racing game. The gameplay involves the player competing either with the AI pilots in a single player game or with other players in an online multiplayer game.

The game includes three game modes and two downloadable contents. Here are the game modes available in SkyDrift:

• Power Race – The gameplay in this mode is a combination of combat and racing elements. Players can acquire powerups, which gives different abilities to the planes they are using. Some of these abilities include machine guns, EMP blast, missiles, and mines. The goal in this mode is to finish the race with the highest ranking using whatever means.
• Speed Race – This game mode focus primarily on racing. It does not include any powerups or weapons. Although, there are rings distributed throughout the racecourse. If the plane flies through the rings, they will be given an extra boost.
• Survivor – This mode has the same gameplay as the Power Race. The only difference is that there is an elimination element. After a certain period, the player in the last position will be eliminated. The last player standing wins the game.

The two downloadable contents include a Team Deathmatch and a Deathmatch. These game modes focused only on dogfights.