Sky Taxi 1

Alawar (Shareware)

Sky Taxi is a game created by Alawar for PC desktops and laptops. This game’s main character is a mouse named Mitch, who has been given a special and unique assignment by the Fairy Queen. Mitch has to work with his friends in order to complete the tasks required of him. Players have to help Mitch accomplish these tasks. The main goal of players is to rescue fairies from aliens. The journey to saving the target includes walking, running, jumping, and leaping or stomping.

The storyline of Sky Taxi starts when Mitch embarks on a training mission. This is where the Mitch and his team learn strategies and skills. In this mission, players will learn how to control Mitch and make him jump on clouds, leap over fire, find keys, open locks, discover secrets, and hide from enemies. Once the training is done, players can move to the succeeding missions of this game, which include fighting aliens and rescuing all of the fairies.

There are more than 180 levels that must be completed. There are also mini games to play between levels. These minigames help players improve their gaming skills. This game also features 25 items that can be discovered and revealed, but must be collected by players. As players progress through the game, the levels get more difficult. Players will also face bosses that must be defeated in order to advance to the next stages of the game.