Sky Taxi 2 - Storm 2012 2012

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

WildTangent, Inc. released the game Sky Taxi 2 - Storm 2012 in August 2010. This is categorized as an environmental game. The premise behind the game is that the president is in need of someone who will clean up the pollution in the city. The pollution is causing all kinds of problems, including adverse weather conditions. This has to stop or else the world's fate may be in jeopardy. Cleaning all of the pollutants is the game’s main challenge.

Available with multi-language support, this game allows the player to engage in a series of challenges, including the attack of rogue robots. These robots will stop at nothing to prevent the player from achieving the goal of cleaning up the city. The robots have one clear purpose and that is to eliminate those who cross their path.

Sky Taxi 2 - Storm 2012 is a game that is considered a sidescroller. There are over two hundred levels that players must complete. The basic moves that are needed for this game include running, bouncing, and jumping. There will be a number of obstacles that need to be overcome. The player also needs to jump off of the heads of the enemies that try to block him.